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About Us

A privately held company, we are an international collection agency with decades of experience and expertise in commercial collections and debt negotiation. International Recovery Group is composed of a variety of experienced collection professionals from around the globe. At IRG, we are founded on innovation. It is this principle and our technology that allows us to provide exceptional communication and the highest possible return for our clients. International Recovery Group, fully licensed and bonded, complies with all guidelines set forth by the Commercial Law League of America.

In addition to offering the best commercial collections and legal services available, IRG is a full service provider for all of your credit and collection needs. We offer expert lien and bond notifications and claims, bank and asset searches, domestic and international credit reports, guaranteed people locator service and much more. We demand the best from our employees and partners so you can demand nothing but perfection from your representative and the professionals at International Recovery Group.

IRG recognizes that you may have searched for the best collection agency, commercial collection agency, international collection agency, cheapest collection company or maybe even the best reviewed commercial collection agency and one who is honest, with ethics. If so, and you landed on our site for any one of the aforementioned reasons, you have reached the number one collection agency that still keeps a focus on our clients' needs and problems. We understand that the world of business has evolved and prospective clients demand up to date status on their accounts and a reputable collection agency that will keep their best interests in mind. For this reason, we supply our clients with online access from day one, the best rates you will find for a highly reviewed collection agency and a promise to uphold their mission statement related ethics while dealing firmly with their past due clients.

Our collectors are constantly monitored and kept within a strict compliance policy that assures you will that no laws will be broken and you can rest knowing that you have a proactive agency looking after your best interests. Searching for the best collection agency is a tedious job and IRG wants you to know that we are here to answer any question you may have, no matter the perceived level of difficulty. No question is too outrageous or novice! IRG management is highly involved, client focused and promises to perform the same functions we ask of our employees. It comes down to a matter of respect, willingness to lead by example and a professional code of conduct unparalleled in the industry.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to a long-term relationship, whether you need us every day or just once a year. We are here to educate domestic and international clients improve their in-house processes thereby reducing their need for our services. Your business matters no matter the size of your company or the frequency of your placements. Every client counts and is counted as our most important client, without discretion.

IRG is proud of its client-focused technology, example driven leadership and strong history of success. These are just a few qualities that lead us to our number one goal; ENSURING PROMISES ARE KEPT.