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Contingency Rates

Collection agencies are some of the most prolific cold-callers in the world. It would not be surprising for some professionals to receive up to five calls a day, all from different collection agencies. After a while everyone starts to sound the same.

Who do you trust? Should you go with the lowest rate? How can you tell who is the best collection agency? Often times, cheaper doesn't mean better. Do you always go with the cheapest mechanic, doctor or lawyer?

The choice is yours, but let it be an educated decision and the best one for you and your business. Price is important, but it is not indirectly proportionate to the desired results. (did you follow us?)

Please call, chat or email us for competitive pricing.

Our basic contingency rates are as follows:

33.3%    Domestic and international accounts, less than one year old and the debtor is still in business with a working phone number.
40% Second placements, accounts requiring skip-tracing, accounts older than one year, balances less than $250.
* In the event IRG deems it necessary to file suit against a debtor, costs will be supplied to you on a case-by-case basis. Our clients are only responsible for real Court fees and a nominal IRG Legal Management fee of $125. These fees change in the case of a countersuit and can be discussed with your representative prior to pursuing the claim. The contingency rate for legal accounts is 33.3%. In no way are you obligated to use our network of attorneys. Should you decide to use your own attorney or take no action, IRG will close the account and return the information collected during our investigation. IRG reserves the right to charge a 10% cancelation fee on accounts that have been worked and money has been offered or working. This instance is rare but necessary to protect ourselves from client/debtor dealings that undermine the client/agency agreement.

Again, please call, chat or email us for competitive pricing. We will not lose your business due to competition.