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Introduction to IRG

http://www.irgus.com/ - Introduction to IRG

http://www.irgus.com/internationalrecoverygroup.php - Flash Introduction to IRG

About International Recovery Group - Who We Are

http://www.irgus.com/home.php - About IRG - Why We Are The Best Commercial Collection Agency.

http://www.irgus.com/about/executive.php - Executive Page

http://www.irgus.com/about/message.php - IRG Message To Our Clients

ools & Services Offered - Free Resources and Detailed Investigations

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/red_flags.php - Red Flags

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/when_to_place_accounts_for_collections.php - When to Place Accounts

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/10day.php - Ten Day Demands

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/credit_app.php - Sample Credit Application

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/creditreports.php - Domestic & International Credit Reports - Policy Setting

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/cycle.php - The Credit and Sales Cycle

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/various_approaches.php - Various Collection Programs

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/international_collections.php - International Collections

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/account_updates.php - Account Updates and Client Communication

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/online_access.php - ClientConnect - Online Access

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/statutes.php - Statutes of Limitations

http://www.irgus.com/tools_services/investigations.php - Financial Investigations

http://irgus.com/tools_services/bank_assets.php - Bank Account Locator & Asset Search

http://irgus.com/tools_services/bond_liens.php - Bond & Lien Notifications And Claims

Our Rates and Remittance Policy - The Importance of Contingency Fees

http://www.irgus.com/rates_remittance/rates.php - Contingency Rates

http://www.irgus.com/rates_remittance/choices.php - How to Choose a Collection Agency

http://www.irgus.com/rates_remittance/remittance.php - Our Remittance Policy

http://www.irgus.com/rates_remittance/placement.php - Place an Account for Collections

How to Contact International Recovery Group - Phone, Mail, Chat or E-Mail

http://www.irgus.com/contact.php - Contact International Recovery Group

FAQs, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

http://www.irgus.com/faq.php - Frequently Asked Questions

http://www.irgus.com/privacy.php - IRG's Privacy Policy

http://www.irgus.com/tou.php - Terms of Use

International Recovery Group - Top Ranked Best Collection Agency Rated #1

http://irgus.com/best-international-collection-agency.php - International Collection Agency - IRG - Rated Highest, Best & Fastest Commercial Collection Agency