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Bank Account Locator & Asset Search

Even the best internal credit and legal departments come across an occasional "judgment proof" account. Nothing can safeguard against the possibility of receiving a judgment, by default or otherwise, only to learn the business does not have the money to satisfy the claim. Perhaps all assets have UCC filings and the outlook is bleak. The old adage is true, you should not throw good money after bad. What that means is you should not litigate accounts where the corporation has been forfeited (without a personal guarantee) or the benefit versus reward ratio does not compute.

It is important to understand that debtors are crafty and stay in business because they have money to operate. The question is how to locate the money and seize it before they are able to move it again. We are not suggesting that all companies experiencing cash flow problems are operated by dishonest people who intentionally hide money. What we are saying is that these companies and people do exist and they are well-versed in hiding assets.

Our program offers state of the art searches designed to scan either state, national or international records with a separate pricing for each. For an additional fee you may add on investment searches and also search for any stocks or bonds that may be held. All fees are flat fees and are determined upon the area of your search. We do not use illegal pretexting as outlawed by the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. Our goal at IRG is to forge perpetual relationships as a trusted partner who can be turned to for all of your credit and legal needs. Contact your representative today or you may call, chat or email us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

* IRG currently only offers bank and asset searches to existing clients who use us as their commercial collection agency. The searches conducted must be done on accounts placed for collection.