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Bond & Lien Notifications And Claims

Many of our clients are in construction related industries where standard credit checks are insufficient and more is needed to ensure payment is received. These companies range from small mom and pop operations to corporate conglomerates. Regardless of size, the same confusion may beset these companies and costly mistakes could arise. IRG employs knowledgeable professionals and attorneys who can walk you through every step of the process.

Perhaps you need to develop an internal policy about when and how to file mechanic's liens and bond notifications. The governing laws are complicated and vary from state to state. We offer the assistance of experienced attorneys who will take the guesswork out of this difficult process, advise you of your options and develop an internal policy with you. Furthermore, these attorneys will work along side you as liens and notifications need to be filed. You are not charged for their time, but for their services on individual accounts.

Despite your best efforts, lien and bond filings may only be a good foundation. Upon default, our collectors can work with your customers to reach an amicable agreement to satisfy your account. Should your customer prove difficult and refuse to cooperate with our staff, our collectors can also file a claim on the bond. This may sound simple, but bond claims begin the negotiating process all over again and unless you have the knowledge and skills to communicate with both the bonding company and/or the delinquent customer, you efforts may prove fruitless.

Regardless of the size of your company, knowledge of your employs or level of comfort, IRG is here to help. As mentioned before, there is no size limit on confusion. Some of the world's largest companies use our attorneys to forge and enforce internal policy that is designed to minimize your risk and maximize return. Contact your representative today or you may call, chat or email us with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.